I'd like to address the elephant in the room.

Student loan debt.

During this pandemic, help has been awarded to every sector throughout the country.

But there's a grey area that was left out of the government help - the crippling student loan debt.


Crippling for the students who were saddled with huge debt before they began working.

Dr Lockwood Smith was the architect of student loans and I have a news clipping where he states that "I don't expect the loans to be repaid".

However, that's not the reality for many students whose loan interest and penalties are through the roof.

Dr Smith was one of those lucky students, of many, who received higher learning free study.

Students who came home for a holiday and had not paid toward their student loans were stopped from returning overseas.

And others won't return because of that debt.

I know some of those students found better opportunities overseas and sadly, were not likely to want to return to New Zealand.

I'm sure there will be those reading this who do not support my whakaaro, but as a parent I am appalled that our kids started their working lives with a debt that could have paid a handsome deposit for a first home, or not left this country looking for better opportunities.


A United Nations sustainable development Goal 4 is for Quality Education which "aims to provide equal access to affordable vocational training, to eliminate gender and wealth disparities, and achieve universal access to a quality higher education".

I'm hoping for some movement on this take/subject, and being in an election year, perhaps this could be addressed.

Especially by those who have received free education and hold degrees.