Once new legislation is enacted that pretty much stops the 90-day eviction notice (which should be any owner's right), we shall see a good number of rental properties sold, because who wants to be blocked from evicting bad tenants from your investment property?

This government with their green do-gooder attitude toward bad tenants will ultimately cause a bigger housing crisis than ever seen before.

Hopefully they are prepared to build and forever look after the country's bad tenants with massive social housing to accommodate this pending extra shortage.



Gay genetics

M. Donne-Lee is misinformed when she says "there cannot be a genetic reason for homosexuality, or it would have died out within a generation, since children can only come from a male and female couple" (letters, January 23).

This "Darwinian Paradox" was solved by Camperio Ciani and other Italian geneticists, and published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 2004. They questioned 98 homosexual and 100 heterosexual men about 4600 of their closest relatives, and found that female relatives of homosexual men had significantly more children on average than the female relatives of heterosexual men.

But, and here's the crucial point, this effect was only evident on their mother's side of the family, so the extra fertility was compensating for the lower fecundity of gay men and maintaining the proportion of "gay" genetic factors in the gene pool.

Of course, this does not mean genetic factors are the sole determinant of sexual orientation; it just shows that the explanation is a little more complicated than some people would like to think.


Death with dignity

Re Carol Webb's response to G.R. Scown's letter about death with dignity (January 11): I endorse and support Carol Webb and her letter 100 per cent.


I learnt a while ago if someone with weird/distorted views bursts into print the best thing is to say nothing and starve them of oxygen. But Carol's letter is a masterpiece and needs to be endorsed and read.

I was appalled at the dribble and obscene reference to what's happening in the UK and on the farm paddock; those comments need to be challenged. First, the UK is pulling out of the EU, partly due to the uncontrolled import of people from Third World countries.

These people arrive in the UK as non-earners and a burden on the UK health system; the care of aged British residents who have paid taxes for years will be restored.

Reference to our elderly and farm stock is appalling; Scown can put down his stock as he sees fit.

New Zealand has always had a high regard for the health of our elderly, and I am sure that will continue and include the terminally ill who suffer in their final months. People should have the right to terminate their life with dignity.

Later this year we all have the right to do the decent thing for those who want to be released from terminal and permanent pain.

St John's Hill

Fact of birth, not choice

Lizzie Marvelly pointed out what a lot of people have thought — that not all female partnerships are brought about by homosexuality.

Lizzie also pointed out what we have known for some time, that sexuality is a fact of birth, not choice. That belief is for the neanderthals.

Heterosexuals have to say: "There but for the grace of God go I".

I was on Venn Young's committee when he was pushing for legalisation.

Laws weren't stopping people being born homosexual, just pushing them into heterosexual partnerships and having to live lives in the dark and take bitter treatment from ignorant people, making their lives a misery.


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