A Whanganui couple are devastated after burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of property from their red-stickered home on Bastia Hill.

Mark and Nichola Goodier's Shakespeare Rd home was deemed uninhabitable after a bank slipped and a corner of the house dropped during the June 2015 flood. Mark has since been battling EQC to seek a higher payout for repairs.

There was not room for all their possessions in the small house the Goodiers are renting so many were left in the Bastia Hill house.

Their son Louis said the burglary, which Nichola discovered on Thursday, had his parents "at the end of their tether".


"Mum went to the house to find stuff on the driveway and the house was open," Louis said.

"The burglars had obviously spent quite a bit of time working through the property and choosing what they wanted to take.

"They took snowboards, tools, TV screens, computers, a saxophone - there's a huge long list. It would be thousands of dollars worth just for the snowboarding gear, let alone anything else.

"Four of us have spent most of a day up there getting out the stuff that's still there so it must have been a group of people or else a couple of people who did it over a period of days. There was still stuff stacked up ready to take."

The Goodiers recently cancelled their contents insurance as they are also paying insurance on the property they are currently living in.

"Obviously my parents are a little bit shaken - the whole ordeal has been a bit much," Louis said.