Playcentre property and grants officer Leah Wynne is throwing her hat in the ring for a seat on the Carterton council.

The fulltime mum and Playcentre volunteer said one of the reasons she was standing was to improve the work being done with teens in the area.

"A lot of the problems we've [the Playcentre] had have been with youth and we're wondering why are they doing it?

"I've worked with young people before and I'd like to help them more."


The 39-year-old originally hails from Auckland but has been living in Carterton since 2011.

As well as working as a parent volunteer at the Carterton Playcentre, she is the property and grants officer for all the Playcentres in Wairarapa.

A former volunteer for Camp Quality, an organisation helping children with cancer, she firmly believes that charity "begins at home".

As well as representing young families in the district, she hopes to put her many skills, including project management, to good use on council, Ms Wynne said.

"I've got good organisation skills and I've been told I have good leadership skills and I'd like to work in a team. I guess I've got a lot of ideas and I'm good at making them happen, but I like to think that I work and help without being big-headed or anything."

Ms Wynne said the incumbent councillors were doing a great job, but it was time to "freshen" up the council.

"Charity begins at home and as much as the current people are doing a fantastic job, new ideas from new people is always a good thing as well."