Police have seized $1500 worth of cannabis during a raid on a Masterton tinnie house.

The house on Nursery Rd was raided by police on Wednesday, with police discovering cannabis and packaging for supply.

Several vehicles at the property were also seized.

A 56-year-old Masterton woman has been arrested and charged with three counts of supplying cannabis and three counts of possession for supply.


Detective Senior Sergeant Barry Bysouth said the raid was part of the police's ongoing cannabis operation known as "Operation Dee".

"The Wairarapa police, in partnership with the national operation, have worked extremely hard recently to target drug dealers who supply cannabis and methamphetamine. We will continue to target people involved in the illicit selling of drugs as the flow-on effects from the supply of drugs is the continuation of crime, which affects all of us.

"It can lead to burglary and theft, which obviously hurts the victims who police are trying to protect."

Targeting drug dealers would ultimately reduce general crime in Wairarapa, Mr Bysouth said.

"We are very keen to hear from any members of the public who have got any information about drugs, drug dealers or stolen property."