With Valentine's Day looming the sales for expensive chocolates and heart-shaped cakes will sky-rocket, but is this really the food that screams I Love You? An informal survey elicited some interesting and endearing responses to my question "What food do you think best says I love you?" and I think they're worth sharing...

• The soothing homemade chicken soup offered by a friend who knows you're sick

• Lumpy fudge made by a nine year old

• A gleaming jar of preserved stonefruit to ensure you get to taste sunshine in the colder months


• A steak cooked to well done, if that's the way you like it

• A peeled peach

• A packed lunch when someone knows you've a tough of work ahead

• Someone taking the time to make you the perfect lasagne...and doing the huge amount of dishes this recipe creates

• Anything my non-cooking husband cooks for me

• A fresh fish dropped off unexpectedly

• A big bucket of produce to preserve, along with empty jars - it's the promise of a contented day in the kitchen with lovely results

So many ways to say I Love You. What is yours?