The cola wars have been reignited by a budget airline after it made a controversial change to its in-flight menu that has left passengers reeling.

From next month, JetBlue will ditch Coca-Cola soft drinks in favour of products from cola rival Pepsi in a revamp of its in-flight drinks menu.


"We're refreshing our core complimentary beverage line-up to offer customers exciting new product options they've asked for, while also bringing sustainability benefits, and controlling growing costs," an internal JetBlue communication obtained by USA TODAY read.


"Most notably, this includes the introduction of Pepsi products to our offering beginning June 3."


The problem is, to many people, there are few more disappointing things you can be told than: "We don't have Coke. Is Pepsi OK?"

So Twitter inevitably blew up with rage, with "devastated" travellers vowing never to fly JetBlue again for its crime against cola.

"What are we monsters? Bring back the #coke," one person tweeted.

"@JetBlue VERY disappointed in the change from Coke to Pepsi," another said.

"You have to know people will have strong feelings about this, did it really save that much money?'

"Guess I'm never flying JetBlue again," another Coke fan said.


Airline menus have a special way of triggering anger among the flying public.

Qantas was slammed on Good Friday after offering meal options of pork or beef β€” neither appropriate for Christians, especially Catholics, avoiding meat on their holiest day of the year.

More recently, British Airways copped a landslide of ridicule after it launched its $9 afternoon tea service that didn't actually include tea at all. (Tea is being sold separately for $4.65 a cup.)