Here's a really easy way everyone can do their bit to be a tidy Kiwi – and make a huge difference to our waterways. Every time you visit a beach, river, lake or creek, just remember the simple rule of thumb - 'pick up three pieces for our beaches'.

Cans, bottles, plastics, ice cream wrappers, cigerette butts: they're all helping to clog up our beautiful, natural waterways and they can also be harmful to native wildlife. But if every New Zealander was to pick up a few pieces of rubbish every time they enjoy using our beaches, lakes and rivers, it could really help to improve the quality of our water – and the surrounding environment.

Even better, take a couple of (non-plastic) bags with you and fill them up with rubbish every time you visit your favourite waterway. And if you see litter spilling out of a bin near water, you could either pick it up or let your local council know that it needs emptying.

And why not share the load and get your friends and family members to pick up three pieces each too? Because it all adds up to cleaner, healthier waterways – for all of us.


As part of The Vision is Clear movement, we'll be bringing you lots of tips to help clean up New Zealand's waterways. So watch this space – and don't forget to share these tips with friends and family.