DairyNZ is the organisation representing all New Zealand dairy farmers with the purpose of helping them be the best they can be in every aspect of their business.

We are funded by dairy farmers and invest their levy into helping them be world leading in animal care, protecting and nurturing the environment, providing great workplaces, building resilient farming businesses, and producing high quality products.

With other partners in the New Zealand dairy sector, we are committed to deliver these goals in the Dairy Tomorrow Strategy.

Our beliefs and positions
•We believe that sustainable dairy farming has a critical role to play in New Zealand's future prosperity and wellbeing.
•We are committed to successfully farming within environmental limits.
•We are committed to maximising value from New Zealand milk while preserving the benefits of our pasture-based system.
•We take responsibility for caring for our people, animals and the environment, and will not tolerate failure to comply with the rules that protect them.
•We are committed to greater transparency, openness and working together.



To visit the DairyNZ website for dairy farmers, go to www.dairynz.co.nz