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New Zealand is a grass-based country when it comes to feeding dairy cows, but pasture-only feed is not the complete answer.

The Country's Jamie Mackay caught up with Seales Winslow Chief Operation Officer Chris Brown at Fieldays to find out how to achieve the correct balance when it comes to feed.

"If you've got grass in spring you'll have lots of protein, so you might need a bit of starch. In summer, you might need a little bit of protein to go with the starch" said Brown.


Seales Winslow is New Zealand's leading stockfeed supplier with many products available to address limiting factors on-farm, and help farmers optimise their production said Brown.

"We're not actually a feed company. We're a feed optimisation company."

In fact, Seales Winslow's calf muesli is so good, Mackay turned down a pie to tuck into a handful of the stuff!

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