Every Thursday The Country catches up with Joe Wheeler for a preview of the weekend's Super Rugby action ... but today Wheeler had something more pressing he needed to address.

Wheeler was keen to express his disdain for The Country's social media guru Sam "Lashes" Casey's appalling performance on a recent fishing trip.

"A guy that hosts a competition but can't back it up to actually host the competition winners, what a pathetic human being," Wheeler said to The Country's Rowena Duncum.

At this point Joey introduced Ben Smith AKA "The World's Best Fullback" for some serious rugby chat. However, "Bender" is also dismayed by Lashes' seasick expedition on the Hauraki Gulf with Marty Banks.


Catch Lashes in action on The Country's Facebook page.

Lashes' antics on the Hauraki Express doesn't surprise Smith who still remembers when the young man "scoped himself," on a hunting trip.

Ever the professional, Wheeler manages to steer the conversation away from Lashes banter and on to a bit of footy chat.

Listen below: