Fordell School's playground was turned into a farmyard last Friday for the annual Ag Day.

Dozens of lambs and calves - and one lone goat - made the trip to school with their young owners to compete in a variety of events.

Among the calves was 3-month-old Daisy, which had been reared by Maggie Pearce. Nine-year-old Maggie lives on a dairy farm near Fordell and was looking forward to leading Daisy around the ring and answering questions from the judges about her.

Maggie said Ag Day was a lot of fun.


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"I love it."

Fordell School principal Yvette Moorhouse said Ag Day was a popular day to which all parents and the wider community were invited.

"We're really lucky that we have people in the community who get involved as judges."

Students competed in their school houses in a baking challenge. There was also a young farmer competition which involved drenching, putting up an electric fence, putting in a hose clip fitting, using a docking ring and other challenges.

Ms Moorhouse said these activities were things that most of Fordell's students would see their parents doing on a regular basis.

"We do have some town kids, but even they got the opportunity to raise a lamb so they could take part in Ag Day," she said.

The day ended with a teacher challenge, in which the teachers were pitted against each other in a drenching competition.


Ms Moorhouse said the school had held a week of agriculture-related events, including making artwork and films.

There had been a special event for dogs - including dog obedience - and another event for caged animals, which included chickens, cats, turtles and guinea pigs.

"We've also been learning about bees, because they are obviously very important to the agriculture sector," Ms Moorhouse said.

She said the week was about "embracing everything rural".