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The Covid-19 outbreak has brought into focus the importance of dairy nutrition across Fonterra's international markets says Mike Cronin.

"Things change and markets are all different around the world, but our products are leaving New Zealand and being prioritised through international ports" the Managing Director for Co-operative Affairs at Fonterra told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum.

"One thing that people still need to do is to eat and the co-op is well placed to provide really good quality nutrition to them."


The power of the co-operative model had come into its own during this crisis, said Cronin.

"The power of a co-op like us with our scale ... we've got products going to different parts of the world. We can change our product mix, we can change our markets ... so we're really focused on putting our farmers' milk into the places and products that's really going to develop maximum value."

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"All we're trying to do is to make sure we just keep that milk flowing right through from the farmer through to the customer wherever they are in whatever part of the world."

Fonterra farmers can find out more information on Covid-19 on the Farm Source website.

Also in today's interview: Cronin talked about how Fonterra was following safety protocols and gave a shout out to the "all our people who are really doing their bit and coming in and helping out."