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DairyNZ welcomes the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's report on greenhouse gases, as it gives a lot more clarity around an issue that is "difficult to get our heads around," says Dr David Burger.

DairyNZ's Strategy and Investment Leader spoke to The Country Early Edition's Jamie Mackay about Simon Upton's report which was released earlier this week.

The report has proposed separate trading systems for fossil and biological emissions to help tackle climate change.


It also suggests dealing with agricultural greenhouse gases and forest sinks together – and separately from CO2.

Burger said the report lines up international science community thinking, which supports methane being treated differently to both nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide.

Listen below:

A split gas approach, under consideration for the Zero Carbon Bill, could recognise the differences between the gases by providing a separate target for methane said Burger.

"The real point here is that it reinforces the message that different gases behave differently in the atmosphere and therefore have different impacts on global warming."

Also in today's interview: Burger talks about DairyNZ's involvement in World Water Day last week.