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DairyNZ welcomes Education Minister Chris Hipkins' announcement of proposed wide-ranging reforms of the vocational education system, says Dr Tim Mackle.

The chief executive of DairyNZ told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum, the review was a good move as "we don't think the system has been working for dairy for some time".

"We support that intention where you connect the employers and the trainees and industry and innovation in a package to deliver learning that meets today's needs."


"We all know farming is becoming more complex and because of that employers are going to need more from their employees as well."

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Meanwhile, DairyNZ is hitting the road with Farmers' Forums coming up throughout the country, said Mackle.

The theme for this year's forums is "Future perspectives ... local and global impact," said Mackle.

"We want the events to inspire farmers, the future of dairy farming is really bright."

Also in today's interview: Mackle gives an update on how the extreme dry weather is affecting the dairy sector.