Members of the New Zealand Rugby League team are getting the chance today to create 3D avatars of themselves in a virtual world.

"We're going to put the players into a full 3D body scan," said Projectr chief executive Jessica Manins.

Using 154 "tiny, little cameras" and projectors, the scanner will be able to capture the players from all angles.

"I guess for them it's a cool opportunity, because you don't think there will be many league players that have been 3D modelled," Manins said.


The team, who are in Wellington to play in a Rugby League World Cup 2017 quarter final, will get to explore the different training possibilities offered by virtual and augmented reality.

Manins said the sports industry is already ahead of the game when it comes to using VR for training.

"This is an opportunity to show off two hardware innovations made in Wellington that will take training to the next level."

Once they have photographed players in certain poses they can animate the avatar. Players can also test special hardware that allows them to stand on a treadmill-like platform so they can walk and run around their virtual environment.

 Sabry Macher standing in the 3Dfy scanner he created. Photo / Supplied
Sabry Macher standing in the 3Dfy scanner he created. Photo / Supplied

Players could create any virtual environment to train in, including international stadiums.

The event has been organised by the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA).

Wellington is known for its thriving virtual tech sector and for successfully hosting major sporting events, WREDA Partnership and Events general manager Warrick Dent said.

"Merging two of Wellington's strengths into an event that I'm sure will captivate the imagination of the Kiwi stars taking part seemed like a natural thing to do. In reality, I'm sure they'll have a ball."