A third new-generation digital speed camera has been activated in Auckland today.

The fixed speed camera went live in Otahuhu, Great South Rd, replacing an existing camera at the site which used older technology.

The new cameras use a dual radar system allowing them to monitor up to six lanes of traffic flowing in both directions.

Last June, police announced Auckland would receive six of the first 12 next-generation cameras being rolled out nationwide.


The $10m project will see 56 new digital cameras activated across the country in sites assessed as having a high risk of speed-related crashes.

The network is due to be fully operational by April 2016.

The first camera became operational in Ngauranga Gorge, Wellington, in July 2014.

Counties Manukau Road Policing Manager Inspector Alison Brand said there had been 15 crashes in the vicinity of the Great South Rd site in the past 10 years.

Although none had been fatal, three were serious and 12 were minor or non-injury crashes.

"This is a lower crash rate than the other Auckland sites selected for speed cameras, yet the road is considered high risk due to the high volume of traffic travelling this road each day," Ms Brand said.

"I have no doubt this camera has helped us to manage speed on this road and reduce speed-related crashes, and the upgraded camera will continue to do so."