Members of the public desperate to watch repeats of our MPs making speeches and answering questions have been thwarted by a hacker.

On Parliament's website people who want to watch replays of proceedings can click the link InTheHouse and chose what they want to see.

However, now all viewers can see an animated Turkish-like flag and the message "best regards to all world".

It has been reported that the site has been down all weekend and the flag was still up this morning.

It has since been replaced with the message: "We apologise for the loss of services. Inthehouse will be back online shortly."

Turkish hacker Iskorpitx was responsible and Stuff said they had a long history of compromising a website's server, then over-writing it with his own "graffiti", sometimes with a political message, but usually just showing off his own talents.

Iskorpitx was reportedly responsible for the largest defacement in web history, successfully hacking 21,549 websites in one shot in May 2006.

Questions are being asked about the site's protection.

Parliament TV is the House of Representative's official on-demand TV website. It is funded by the clerk of the House of Representatives and designed by Christchurch-based Tandem Studios.