Customers of new mobile provider 2degrees are pouring out their frustration at the company's service to date - and the fact they have not been able to use the services on the company's website for over a week.

The company's Facebook page has an impressive 22,000 followers and the language in some of the messages is turning blue.

The site is supposed to allow people to order a mobile sim card, register a sim card, check their billing and change their phone number but those customer services have been offline for eight days. The latest message on the site had said the problems had been ironed out and it would up and running by Friday (today) – but by 10am that message had still not changed .

The message thanked people "for sticking with us" but the temperature on Facebook among the customers has been running hot.

A typical comment is from Luke Chandler who says "C'mon 2degrees. It's been a week now. And still no action," and asks why the company can't even put up a page so that customers can change their 2degrees number.

Matthew Poole wrote: "Day eight of outage, no accurate updates on when it's going to be fixed, no functional work-around for porting numbers (I called earlier and was told they're still finalising procedures!). We keep getting told 'tomorrow' or 'in the next 12 hours', but it's never tomorrow, or within the next 12 hours."

Bernard Lee says if the company really wants to compete they should be "moving heaven and earth to iron out the bugs" and get the website fully operational.

Some customers are also complaining about their experience of the new network.

Bryan wrote of his frustrations including "the continued drop-outs of the calls even before they are connected. I swapped out the sim, reloaded the number and credit - still drops out." He said he doesn't have the problem in his region with Vodafone's service.

Sharon Wallis said her phone sim card has been pre-activated for over two days. "The company said two days ago they would get it fixed so my number could be changed. I'm still waiting."