Strathmore Golf Report:

There was a great turnout at the BJW shoot out on Sunday, June 21.

Seventy-one years separated the last two men standing. Club patron and oldest member, Neil Smillie, 80, taking the title from youngest member and highest qualifier, Ollie Smithson, 9.

This week is the club catch up day for the club championships and top dog matches. The club finals day is July 5.


Stratford Avon FMG Winter Short Mat Bowls:

On Saturday, June 20, between 1pm-4pm, a short mat bowls session was held after the Taranaki Lawn Bowls AGM in the morning.

The format was pairs won by the team of Bari Oliver and Rex Dyason. Runners-up were Iain Parker and Cliff Smith.

On Saturday, June 27, between 1pm-4pm, there will be a session of short mat bowls held after the Stratford Avon Bowls Club AGM, starting at 10am.