Seventeen-year-old Jack Moser's love of music was started 12 years ago, when he heard a family friend play piano.

Now he wants to pass on that love of music to the next generation of young children.

"My dad had a friend, Ian Voice, who was an amazing pianist. Each school holidays when we would pass through Rotorua we would and see him and he would play. I was completely inspired by him.

"When I was 5, Ian was trying to teach my older cousin to play piano and I remember just wanting to give it a go myself."


Jack was gifted his first keyboard when he was 7 years old.

"My mum would play a song on it and after a couple of times of listening I was able to play it as well."

Ian passed away last year, but Ian's sister Vicki Lee gifted Jack the baby grand piano Ian would play on when Jack and his family visited in the school holidays.

"Vicki is an amazing pianist and singer. I'm so thankful she gifted it to me. I play it everyday which has helped me improve."

Jack is self taught and rather than reading sheet music, Jack can play by ear.

"It's how Ian played and I wanted to be exactly like him. I can listen to a song and if I know it start to finish, I mess around with a few keys and then play the song."

Jack has recently moved to Stratford from Masterton and he says the town is already feeling like home.

"I had my first week at Stratford High School last week. Everyone is really friendly."


He takes two music classes at school.

"The school has an inspiring music department and my teacher is an amazing pianist. I've made quite a few friends already and we've had a jam together. It was nice playing alongside people who share a passion about music."

Jack Moser has been performing in front of people for 10 years.

"I have performed at assemblies and other places in groups. I recently held my first solo performance however. The difference was people were choosing to see me play and me only. It's quite a special feeling. They clapped after every song I played."

Jack has also performed for a local primary school.

"I was visiting Stratford Primary School and the deputy principal Aaron Moore asked me to play a piece for their assembly. I played for the pupils as they came into the hall and they just stopped talking and listened. They were quite engaged with the music which is a special feeling."


He says this performance inspired him to begin passing on his love of music to others.

"I've applied through different funding avenues to go to different schools across the district and play for them. I'm hoping to inspire them to pick up an instrument like Ian did for me. I'm hoping to start this in Term 4."

Jack is putting on performances in Stratford's War Memorial Hall this month to raise money to purchase mobile musical equipment. This, he says, will enable him to visit the schools as it will be easier to travel with his gear. Putting on the performances is also helping him feel at home, he says.

"Since I've done things in the community I'm starting to feel like part of the community. Stratford feels like home."

Learning to play an instrument is important, Jack says.

"When you're young it's easier to pick up. If you learn an instrument it feels like another body part and like its a part of who you are."


Jack enjoys 60s and 80s music best.

"I think that was when the best music was played."

He enjoys playing hits from Queen, Abba, Billy Joel, Elton John, The Boomtown Rats and more modern artists like Coldplay and Lady Gaga.

"Music can be so peaceful or so full-on depending on the genre. It's also a great way to express your emotions."

■ Jack is performing in the Wall Memorial Hall Function room on September 14 and 17 with both performances starting at 6.30pm. Limited seats are available. To book your seat, message @jackmoserpiano on Facebook. Tickets cost $5 per seat.