A new Facebook group is matching willing workers with troublesome tasks.

Josephine Bertelsen Joyce, 19, set up an "Odd Jobs Taranaki" group to match Taranaki people looking for work with those who need help to get a job done.

She says odd or small jobs like gardening and mowing can sometimes be difficult for people to get done. She says not everyone has the tools to complete jobs, or they may not have the physical ability or time.

"Small businesses looking for work and those needing some work done can put a post in the group."


Josephine says she herself was looking for someone to mow to her lawns.

"I put up a post in a buy and sell group but I never found anyone so my brother did it for me in the end. "

She says she when she scrolled through the Facebook buy and sell pages, she noticed a lot of people asking for someone to help with a range of odd jobs.

Her own experience, combined with that of a family member, inspired her to start the group.

She says her grandfather, Neil was looking for help with his gardens.

"He never found anyone. He's in a rest home now but that also gave me the push to create the group. There needs to be something in place to help the elderly and those who can't do the jobs by themselves.

"I thought it would be great if those types of posts all had one place to be posted so they're not lost among other buy and sell posts.

"I thought there may be others in the same position as he and I were, who just want a couple of jobs done. One person may be able to do all the jobs which makes it easier than trying to find different people for different jobs."


She says the aim of the group is to help others.

"I'm wanting to provide a place of for people to help people, including small businesses. They had a hard time during the lockdown so it's important we support them. The group supports local businesses and helps people get their odd jobs completed at the same time. Hopefully the group helps a lot of people out."

Two days after the group was started, it had just under 250 members.

"I'm happy the group is growing quickly."

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