Car painter Todd Holland's work has featured in Hollywood movie Ghost in the Shell so he certainly knows what a good paint job looks like.

Todd also knows a bad paint job when he sees one, so after seeing one on the weekend he offered his services free of charge to clean it up for the town.

Todd, who owns Re Automotive in Stratford, says when he saw a "sh*tty drawing" spraypainted on to Stratford District Council's digital noticeboard over the weekend, he knew he could help clean the mess up.

"I knew I could get it off easily and it was a bad look for Stratford having that at the entrance to the town."


On Monday morning he called Stratford council CEO Sven Hanne, and offered to clean the graffiti up free of charge. Sven says council was delighted by Todd's offer.

"We really appreciate Todd seeing an opportunity to help out and doing so."

Graffiti removal costs council between $1500 and $2000 in a normal year, he says.

"There are far more positive opportunities we could be using that money for. Sadly, when we build things, we actually have to take vandalism like this into account, which drives up overall cost significantly as we have to graffiti-proof, fire-proof and vandalism-proof everything we put into the public space."

It's not the first time a local business has volunteered to clean up graffiti, says Sven.

"Allan McCullough very kindly cleaned up graffiti on the Midhirst Hall when that was vandalised before. We always appreciate this help, as it shows our community doesn't tolerate graffiti or vandalism and making sure mindless actions like this latest graffiti don't affect the look and feel of our town."

Sven and Todd are both unimpressed with the skill level of the latest graffiti.

"I don't mind a good piece of graffiti art, in fact if someone had the skills and passion I would happily try and find a 'canvas' for it – but that is not what this is. This is mindless vandalism by idiots," says Sven.


Todd agrees.

"Whoever did this graffiti needs to get some more artistic skills. This was just a sh*tty drawing that spoiled the look of our town."

Disclaimer: Editor Ilona Hanne is married to the CEO of Stratford District Council.

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