A fresh dumping of snow meant skiers could tackle the slopes at the Maunganui Ski Area on Mount Taranaki.

Stratford Mountain Club spokesman Rob Needs says the lower ski field was open last week.

"It was very busy. We had 100-150 millimetres which is the bare minimum of snow to operate. As we are low altitude we rely on what snow we get."

He says the facilities will be operating again once there is another dumping of snow.


"People can still come and play in the snow."

Rob says people need to take advantage when the ski field is open.

"When we've got snow, you have got to go. It's a short lived opportunity."

Rob says people should be supporting local.

"The ski field is a great asset to Taranaki when it's running. We are the cheapest ski field in the country. There are only four ski fields in the North island and three of them are at Mount Ruapehu. For those who live in Taranaki, it doesn't take that long to get to the mountain.

"There is also a local ski hire place which has great service and gear for people who don't have their own."

The local ski hire place, Taranaki Ski Hire, is on Pembroke Rd and is owned and operated by Alan Jamieson.

Alan says he was kept busy with customers looking to hire gear once the mountain was open.


"While Thursday was quiet as it was not expected the field would be open, Friday was a really busy day for us."

He says people in Taranaki are lucky to have the maunga on their doorstep and encourages people to go up and enjoy the snow.

"When you can go skiing, you have to take advantage and go as the opportunity doesn't stick around for long."

Alan says the ski field is asset to Taranaki.

"It's a local club, what is spent there stays there and it's a very friendly environment. The field is lovely. The base is like mown tussock, and their aren't many rocks like other ski fields."

It's all about supporting local business which is what we need to do, we need to look after each other."