Local theatre groups are back in action after closing due to Covid-19.

Stratford on Stage president Rubeana Reader says they had to cancel a show due to the Covid-19 alert levels.

"We were working on an Anzac show and we had to cancel it. Fortunately we were only in the planning stage."

They are now working on a production for late November.


"We are working on a family friendly show pantomime. We're yet to decide which one but we can't wait. We're all excited to be back.

"It wasn't until we all got back after Covid-19 that we realised we really missed it."

Cue Theatre president Paul Oliver says he realised they can pick up with the production they were working on.

The theatre was meant to show their production Like a Virgin during April and May.

"We were busy with rehearsals and stage building and had to put everything on hold due to the lockdown and restrictions. We will now show the production in October."

He says he is happy restrictions are lifted and people will be able to view the shows again.

"People need somewhere to go and get socialising again."

Paul says the production is a comedy.


"It's a great comedy show that'll give someone a chance to laugh."

Hāwera Repertory Society have three productions lined up.

Committee member Samantha Turner says she is happy to be back.

"I'm director of the youth production we are working on, Bugsy Malone. I'm looking forward to getting back into it."

Their production God of Carnage was meant to show the week before the alert level 4 lockdown.

"It was hard for the cast as they had put so much work into it, but it had to be done. We are glad to have the chance to show it in October and November this year."

Bugsy Malone was also impacted.

"We had a month of rehearsals and then we had to stop. We're restarting rehearsals in November and show next year in February."

The Repertory Society is also planning a Jubilee Showcase, to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

"It is our anniversary in October and we're planning to have the showcase after Bugsy Malone. We have quite a bit to work on but we're happy to be back and giving some entertainment to the public."