A study of bubbles has taught Toko School pupils about the alert level 4 lockdown.

Room two pupils have been learning about two kinds of bubbles. The bubbles that float and the bubbles we were in during the Covid-19 alert level 4 lockdown.

Room two teacher Sue Fergus says the pupils made giant bubbles on Friday, June 12.

"We were in our pyjamas as Toko School held a pyjama day to raise money for Kai Kitchen. The children had to use giant bubble wands and took much delight chasing them all over the school and seeing how high they would get before they popped.


"Their were many squeals of delight and laughter, particularly when a bubble 'popped' on the teacher."

Toko School pupil Emily Johnston, 7, says the class enjoyed chasing the bubbles.

"We loved the bubbles and the bubbles blew all around us."

Sue says bubbles were an important concept for the pupils, following the lockdown.

"We had been in our own bubble during lockdown, and we learnt about what made us 'float' (survive) and what was important to us during this time at home."

Room two pupil Cohen Oliver, 7, says the bubbles were fun to make.

"The bubbles were very big. We chased after them but they were too high. It was fun and satisfying and colourful. I could see myself in the bubble but I looked blurry."