A certificate of membership for the Stratford Fire Brigade has been found in Auckland and is waiting to be returned to the rightful family.

Wendy Thompson found the certificate at a swap meet in Auckland two years ago.

Wendy lived in Taranaki for a few years before moving back to Auckland.

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"I love Taranaki, I will always view it as my home."


She says she initially bought the piece to use the frame.

"After I cleaned it up I thought this could belong to someone's family. It would be nice for the family to have it back."

Stratford Volunteer Fire Brigade secretary Brent Rawlinson says he is doing what he can to get it back to the family.

"I've sent a letter to the United Fire Brigades Association for more information."

The last name Bradley is printed on the certificate. The certificate is for serving as a member of the Stratford Volunteer Fire Brigade for three years starting from July 1911.

Wendy and Brent have asked the Stratford Press for help in giving the certificate back to the rightful family.

■ If you know who the rightful family is, email alyssa.smith@nzme.co.nz