A young boy celebrating his fourth birthday during alert level 3 received a surprise visit from a police officer.

William Olckers, 4, loves all things police, his mother, Justine Olckers says.

"When we were in alert level 4 and 3, it affected him the most. He couldn't go to kindergarten and see his friends.

"His grandparents were meant to come over from South Africa for Easter but because of Covid-19, they couldn't. It made him very sad so I wanted to do something to lift his spirits. I wanted him to be happy on his birthday."


Justine sent a Facebook message to the Manawatu, Taranaki, Whanganui- Ruapehu Facebook police page, asking if a police officer could visit William on his birthday.

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"I knew it would make him happy. Constable Brody Norris contacted me and arranged a time. He was happy to get on board."

Originally from South Africa, Justine says she and her family love New Zealand.

"Everyone is so kind and friendly here. The police agreeing to do this for William shows how kind New Zealanders are."

Justine says while the country was in lockdown, she was worried she couldn't get William any presents.

"William wanted everything to do with police. When we went into alert level 3, I managed to buy him a police costume and a teddy bear, I was thankful I could still get him something."

She says William was very surprised when the police car pulled up at their house.

"I had William waiting in his costume with his toy police car and teddy bear. It was a big surprise for him."


She says she is thankful the police and Brody did this.

"It made William's heart happy. It was great to see him happy and not having to spend his birthday alone. It made all of us so happy.

"Brody was absolutely amazing. He spent quality time with William, asking him about why he wanted to be a police officer. It was great to see."