A young drummer has donated a new drum kit to his school.

Joshua Sullivan, 9, performed a livestream concert during the alert level 4 lockdown, raising $800 to buy a drum kit for Kaponga Primary School.

"I played the drums for two hours straight. I really enjoyed it."

Joshua's father, Dave Sullivan, says he is proud of his son.


"We thought during this time it would be cool to give back. Many kids might not get the chance to use a drum kit and we want to give them that chance.

"At the start of lockdown, Joshua's Facebook page had around 30 followers, he is now almost at 500 followers. He raised the money needed in under a week."

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Dave says Joshua has an ear for playing the drums.

"He will listen to a song, pick up the basic beat then go from there, he is really talented."

Joshua says he wanted to give to his school.

"The school hasn't got a drum kit. I wanted to give them one so the kids could learn how to play the drums."

Joshua has been playing the drums for three years.

"I'm self taught. I listen to the song and memorise the drum beats and work from there."


During lockdown, he learned to play 50 songs.

"I would listen to a song in the morning and I would video it that night and post it to my Facebook page."

Joshua says he receives a lot of positive comments from all around the world.

"I have people commenting from Turkey, India, Japan, the United States and London. It makes me very happy."