A local business is calling for other businesses to join them in a fundraising raffle for the annual Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon breakfast appeal.

Danny McSweeney and Kelly Morresey of Stratford Mowers and Chainsaws have started the raffle off themselves by donating a bright pink Lawnmaster Warrior lawnmower to the fundraiser.

Kelly says she and Danny wanted to do something to support the annual Breast Cancer appeal this year, and thought the pink lawnmower was the perfect raffle prize.

"The lawnmower is a limited edition that Lawnmaster brought out to support the breast cancer appeal themselves. For every one sold, $50 is donated to the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon breakfast appeal. We thought it would be great for us to donate one ourselves as a raffle prize as we think it will be popular."

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Once they had the idea of the raffle, they thought it was something they could ask other stores to donate items for as well, says Kelly.

"It's a great way for our local businesses to get involved and support a great charity and offer people the chance of some great prizes. I think it is something positive for the community right now, it's something we can do together and do something positive for our town."

Kelly is calling local businesses asking them to get involved and plans to have the raffle drawn in a month or two under police supervision.

Even before any prizes from other local businesses are considered, the raffle has a great prize in the lawnmower itself, she says.

They have only had the lawnmowers in stock for a few months and have already sold several of them.

"They are certainly selling well. We have sold four or five over the past few months."

She says the fact it is New Zealand made is fitting, with a push on people to consider buying locally or at least New Zealand made products at this time.

The lawnmower has a retail price of $649 which is reasonable, says Kelly.


"But one lucky person will have a chance to win one for just $1."

Kelly says they have decided to make the raffle tickets just $1 each to make sure it is affordable for everyone.

"We know people are finding it tough at the moment. Times are hard so we didn't want to make it an expensive raffle for people to enter. One dollar makes it something most people can buy a ticket or two for, and they will be in to win a great prize."

The Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon breakfast appeal is a great charity to support with a raffle like this one, says Kelly.

"I think it is one of those things, everyone of us knows someone who has gone through Breast Cancer. It may be a family member, or a friend of a friend, but it is definitely something which many New Zealanders experience and go through, so I think people will be happy to consider supporting the raffle by buying a ticket or two."