It's the first weekend of level 2, and members of the Egmont Rod and Custom Club plan to celebrate it in style.

Lloyd Darrah, treasurer of the Egmont Rod and Custom Club, says members will be taking their cars for a cruise through Stratford on Sunday.

"We are taking part in the nationwide Great Kiwi Rolling Rod Show on Sunday."

The national event was the idea of Dean Taylor, a member of the Te Awamutu Rod and Custom Club, and is a way for hot rodders around the country to enjoy their hobby and bring a smile to people's faces, says Lloyd.


"Our members are all keen to get out and enjoy taking their cars for a drive, and this is a way we can bring the cars out for the community to see, while staying within the rules of level 2."

Members of New Zealand Hot Rod Association clubs around New Zealand will cruise their community from noon this Sunday — meaning the public can see and hear the cars without having to travel far or congregate in a crowd.

Hot rod fans have missed out on a series of popular events during levels 4 and 3, including the Whangamata Beach Hop which is an annual highlight for many rodders around the country.

The Great Kiwi Rolling Rod Show is a way for drivers to get back behind the wheel and enjoy a drive while also cheering up the local community, says Lloyd.

Lloyd himself will be choosing which of his two hot rods he will take for a spin on the day.

"I have a 1960 Chevrolet Belair and a 1938 Chevrolet Sedan, so I will drive one and my son will probably drive the other one."

With more 60 members in the club, Lloyd says he expects to see "a decent turnout" on Sunday.

"We will drive the route more than once to make sure people have the chance to see all the cars. So if you hear the cars, get outside to watch and you will see us come past."


Lloyd says the route has been carefully planned to maximise the streets driven along, while avoiding crossing main roads too frequently.

"It's a figure of eight shape so it will reach plenty of streets. We encourage people to come out and watch the cars going past."

The route is published below and anyone wanting to see the cars shouldn't have to walk more that two or three streets to participate.

Members of the public are reminded to stick to the rules of level 2 by maintaining their social distances from other groups and to choose a viewing point that is the shortest possible distance from their home.

Club members will also be following all level 2 rules, assemblling at the starting point with just people from their own bubble in their car. No one will get out of the cars at the
assembly point or congregate at the end of the cruise.

Route: Starting at noon. The route starts at the southern roundabout. Drivers will head north, turning left onto Pembroke Rd, left onto Brecon Rd then left onto Regan St. They will continue on Regan St through the roundabout before turning left at Swansea Rd, and left at Pembroke Road back to Broadway. They will then turn left and head back to the south roundabout and start the route again.