The CMK Stratford Flyers had a team of 24 qualify and attend the Swimming New Zealand Junior Festival in Rotorua.

The team bonding time of fun swimming in Lake Taupō and visiting the Redwoods beforehand pulled everyone together.

Swimmers achieves 95 per cent personal best times.

The 12 and under Flyers did well after spending the last few weeks training two to three times a week towards the champs.


The Relay team of Ruby Edwards, Anahera Martin, Harriet Muller and Camryn Austin had an exciting race to get second in the 4x50m girls 12 and under freestyle relay, setting a new Taranaki Record of 2 minutes and 1 second.

Ruby Edwards, 12, qualified for NZ Short Course Champs and NZ National Age groups 1st 50m freestyle, 2nd 50m butterfly, 2nd 100m freestyle, 3rd 100m medley, 3rd 50 back and 3rd 100 back.

Qualifying for NZ National Age Groups:
Anahera Martin, 12, 1st 100m butterfly and 3rd 50m butterfly.
Libby Keenan, 10, 3rd 50 backstroke and 3rd 200m freestyle.
Lexi Kowalewski, 10, 3rd 100m freestyle.

Top 10:
Camryn Austin, 11, 7th 200m breaststroke, 9th 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle, 10th 200m medley.
Lexi Hancock, 10, 8th 200m backstroke, 9th 200m medley, 10th 200m freestyle, 10th 100m backstroke.
Emma Keech, 10, 9th 200m backstroke, 7th 200m breaststroke, 10th 100m breaststroke.
Bella Keenan, 12, 9th 100m butterfly.
Jaiah Otene, 10, 7th 200m breaststroke.

Personal best times: Troy Erkes, Meila Gwiazdzinski, Millah Keller, Madeline Hobo, Eden Lark, Lexi Maketoni, Harriet Muller, Rylee McClung, Ethan Ogle, Tobias Ogle, Rachel Read, Brooklyn Reed, Cody Smith and Sam Watson.

Record numbers attend Stratford Club Nights, and 13 and over age groups are currently training towards their national meets.

The team thanks parent supporters and volunteers for giving their time.