Ratapiko School pupils are doing their bit to combat pests.

Ratapiko School is an Enviroschool, where the is an emphasis on sustainable living and pupils exploring the environment.

Part of this is protecting native plants and animals from pests such as rats, stoats and possums.

Alex Young (10) says he likes protecting nature.


"If we don't control the pests they'll get out of control and destroy native life and kill our native birds. They also spread diseases."

There are multiple traps around the school.

"We mainly trap rats and mice but we also have a possum trap. We're helping the environment by getting rid of pests."

The pupils have also planted native trees and plants around the school for birds.

"It's important to look after our native plants and wildlife," Adam says.

The school recently completed a bio blitz, where the pupils identified different plants around the area.

"We identified some pest plants and some good plants. We have begun weeding to get rid of the pest plants."