Pizza is always on the menu at Ratapiko School.

Last year, the students design and created a pizza oven. Principal of Ratapiko School Lisa Hill says it was an entire school effort.

"I spent the day with Captain Enviro Peter Heard who told me a little bit about making a pizza oven and so we decided to make one."

The oven took eight months to make and one day to build.


"We started at 9am and it was finished by 3pm that afternoon. The children mixed the clay with the sawdust and sand and created the layers of the oven."

She thanked the Marriner family who donated the clay for the oven. The oven gets plenty of use.

She says the oven has also created learning opportunities.

"The pupils make and create their own pizzas, using some of the crops at the school which teaches them about sustainable living. It's giving the children skills they'll use in later life."

Lisa says by working on the pizza oven, it gives the children the feeling of connection with their school.

"In a few years, when the pupils have left the school they'll come and visit and see all the things they done which will give them a sense of pride."