Competitors of the Taranaki Masters Games weightlifting event completed deadlifts, squats and overhead presses.

The competitors were placed into three age groups, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 and above.

The competition was held at the Stratford Lions Den Gym and Fitness Centre.

Jill Rawlinson, who competed for the first time, participated in the 60 and above category dead lift.


"I've been going to the gym for two years now and I love gym work, especially strengthening work."

Jill says she has enjoyed being active since she was a child.

"I used to do gymnastics and running. I've always been very sporty and competitive.

"At this age it's important to work on bone structure and strengthening work. It makes a person healthier and improves their wellbeing."

Jill says the Taranaki Masters Games are beneficial.

"They bring people together to do fun sports. It's working towards something. I always get a good adrenaline rush."