Whangamomona open trialists had a successful sheep dog trial at Waverley – Waitotara.

Judges for the events were Sheena Martin from Wairoa, Peter Williams from Poukawa, Ali Reed from Tūrangi and Trevor Rumble from Taumarunui.

Ken Lobb and his dog, Kristofferson won the Long Head. Steve Murphy and Savvy took third place in Zig Zag Hunt and fifth place in the Straight Hunt.

The Alex Memorial Trophy, donated by Life Member Jim Ross was won by Whangamomona team Ken Lobb, Steve Murphy and Dan Murphy with highest points of 283.5.


Taranaki Centre Trialists:
Long Head: 1st Ken Lobb and Kristofferson: 97
Short Head and Yards: 2nd Bernie Gower and Phillip 93
Zig Zag Hunt: 3rd Steve Murphy and Savvy 95.5, 4th Bryce Jensen and Rebel 95
Straight Hunt: 2nd Bernie Gower and May 97.75, 5th Steve Murphy and Savvy 97

Full list of results:
Long Head: 1st K Lobb, Kris 97, 2nd I Burling, Jay 96.5,3rd G Wellington, Rachel 95, 4th M Monk, Tough 94.5, 5th L Gratton, Brook 94.25, 1st Intermediate L Bishop Tia 94, 1st Maiden S Murphy Trick 89.
Short Head and Yard: 1st H Ingles, Lou 93.5, 2nd B Gower, Phillip 93, 3rd C Journeaux, Jess 91.5, 4th G White, Tramp 90, 5th K Oliver, Shy 89,1st Intermediate B Gower, Phillip 93, 1st Maiden L Horsfall, Jed 72.
Zig Zag Hunt: 1st R Morris, Shade 96.75,2nd T Rumbel, Charlie 96.25, 3rd S Murphy, Savvy 95.5, 4th B Jensen, Rebel 95, 5th C Johns, Roch 94.75, 1st Intermediate and 1st Maiden T Rumble, Charlie 96.25.
Straight Hunt: 1st S Wind, Bear 98, 2nd B Gower, May 97.75, 3rd C Journeaux, Mac 97.5, 4th M McMurray, Jed 97.25, 5th S Murphy, Savvy 97,1st Intermediate S Wind, Bear 98, 1st Maiden C Hay, Storm 96.