The head students for Stratford High School in 2020 have been announced.

This year, the school has announced the new roles of deputy head boy and girl.

Stratford High School's Head Girl is Courtney Tippett. She says she feels privileged to be able to lead the school alongside the other leaders.

"Stratford High School has been a massive part of my life for the past four years, now to be able to give back and help lead and become a good role model makes me feel very lucky."


This year, Courtney is studying Physical Education, Tourism, Home Economics, Fabric and Hospitality.

Maddie Butler is the first Deputy Head Girl at Stratford High School.

She says she would like to foster more self-drive within the students at the school.

"This will help them push themselves, with the support of Year 13s and the Deans, to apply and grasp opportunities that could impact them positively."

This year, she is studying Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English and Statistics.

She says she feels privileged to have been selected for the leadership position.

"I am grateful to be given the opportunity to influence my fellow students to strive to be their best self."

Trint Kelsen is the Head Boy for 2020.


He says he is extremely excited to be selected.

"It is a huge honour it is to lead this school with the other student leaders. I will face many challenges as one of the many leaders this year but in the end, they will help develop me as a person."

This year Trint is studying Statistics and Modelling, English, Physical Education and Wood Technology.

"I am also taking a newly introduced Level 3 Policing WITT course to get a head start on my policing career in the years to come."

Ethan McGrath is Stratford High School's deputy head boy for 2020.

He says he would like to see more participation in the school.

"One of my goals for the year is building up our school spirit."

This year, Ethan is studying Drama, History, Economics, Home Economics and Geography.