For Max (4) and Danica (5) Geraghty, a love of American cars runs in their blood.

Max Geraghty (4) and Danica Geraghty (5) were some of the children who enjoyed looking at the American cars at this year's Americarna.

Max says he really enjoyed spotting the different Camaros.

"I really like Camaros because Mum and Dad own a Camaro."


Kirsten Geraghty, the children's mum, says they own a black 2019 Camaro.

"We purchased it last year and have entered it in this year's Americarna."

She says the children have been coming to the event since they were born.

"We all absolutely love Americarna."

While Max likes Camaros, Danica prefers Chevys.

"My grandparents own three Chevys and they've been showing them in Americarna since the event started."