A fully restored Plymouth Superbird was one of the attractions at Stratford's Americarna.

Michael Wolfe entered his boss's car. Michael works for Augusta Finance and Property where he restores different types of vehicles.

"I've been working on restoring the Plymouth for two years."

The lemon twist coloured car originally came from America as a wrecked car.


"It has been in New Zealand for 30 years. There have been two previous owners but they never rebuilt it."

Michael has worked on every single inch of the car, straightening the body work and finding different parts.

"I did a lot of welding and hand-made some of the parts for the car."

Michael says he likes the uniqueness of the car.

"There were only 1920 made and there would only be a handful left."

The car was specifically designed for NASCAR racing, reaching 470km/h on the track.

The car features graphics from Warner Bros cartoon character Roadrunner.

"The horn also sounds like Roadrunner."


Michael says the car is unique.

"It's more special that I've restored it and made it completely perfect which is how it should be. It's great that everyone can now enjoy looking at the car."