Being a volunteer firefighter is something that runs in Ian Murray's blood.

Ian is a senior firefighter at the Eltham Fire Brigade, and this weekend he is receiving his gold star for 50 years of service.

Ian started at the Brigade on November 10 1969.

"I was 18 at the time. My grandfather, Steve was part of the Brigade for 43 years and my father Lawrence was on the Brigade for 25 years."


He can still remember the first call-out he attended.

"It was peat fire out at Rawhitiroa."

Ian became a senior firefighter 35 years ago.

"I was really pleased to move up the ranks. I enjoy my role."

He says one of the major differences between when he first started on the Brigade is the different types of call-outs he attends.

"Back when I started we only attended fires. These days we attend medicals and respond to different scenarios."

Ian says serving the Eltham community is an honour.

"I was born and bred in Eltham so it great to serve my community. Over the 50 years I can see how much I've done in the community and I always give 110 per cent. "


He says his 50 years of service has gone quickly.

"So much has happened in the past 50 years. Prior to 1973 there was a fire station on York Street and then in 1973 the New Zealand Fire Service Commission built a new station on London street."