For business manager James Lawn, the 2020 FMG Young Farmer of the Year competition may be his last chance to win the title.

James (30), from Taranaki, is a business manager for Paranihihi ki Waitotara farms in Taranaki where he oversees seven dairy and six dry stock farms.

James has made it to the Taranaki/ Manawatū Regional Finals being held in Hāwera. From here, he could go through to the finals.

James has been competing since 2009, where he made the district finals, the first stage of the competition. Since then, James has competed in nine regional finals and one grand final in 2017.


"You can only reach the grand final twice so I only have one more chance if I get through."

He says his experience with the competition gives him an understanding of what is required.

"I know how to handle the time and pressure during the competition."

James is a member of the Inglewood Young Farmers and he says the competition has taught him many good skills.

"The first time I welded was in this competition. The competition provides a great chance to build and develop your knowledge."

He says the fact that he only has one more chance to achieve the title has given him a drive to succeed.

"I've done a whole lot or research and I've furthered my knowledge in a variety of topics."

■ FMG Taranaki/Manawatū Regional Final: TSB HUB, Hāwera February 22.