The Stratford TSB Pool complex was packed with supporters for the annual Turnbull Cup competition.

Stratford Swimming Club hosts this event annually for primary school-aged children in years 6, 7 and 8.

Fifty seven competitors from Kaponga, St Joseph's Stratford, Toko, Ngaere, Midhirst and Stratford Primary Schools competed in the event.

The Turnbull Cup events are divided into individual and relay events.


St Joseph's Stratford won the large schools relay as well as the Centennial Cup relay. The small schools relay was won by Toko.

Year 6:
Boys 25m freestyle: First: Kobey Agent (Stratford), second: Arlo Wells (Toko), third: Corrin Jansma (Stratford), fourth: Moss Edwards (St Joseph's) and Scott Grey (Stratford), fifth: Ben North (St Joseph's).
Girls 25m freestyle: First: Libby Keenan (St Joseph's), second: Lexi Kowalewski (Stratford) third: Lexi Hancock (St Joseph's), fourth: Niamh O'Sullivan (Ngaere), fifth: Sophie Linn (Toko), sixth: Livvy Whittington (St Joseph's), seventh: Stella Taingahue (Stratford).
Year 7:
Boys 50m freestyle: First: Sam Watson (Toko), second: Troy Erkes (Kaponga), third: Campbell Robertson (Midhirst), fourth: Jamie Hancock (Toko), fifth: Ben Sextus (Toko), sixth: Billy Haldane (Stratford), seventh: Degan Uhlenberg (St Joseph's).
Girls 50m freestyle: First: Camryn Austin (Stratford), second: Madeline Hobo (St Joseph's), third: Brooklyn Reed (St Joseph's), fourth: Rylee McClung (Stratford), fifth: Millah Keller (Ngaere), sixth: Gemma Wicksteed (Ngaere), seventh: Marley Sampson (Stratford).
Year 8:
Boys 50m freestyle: First: William Campbell (Toko), second: Nico Reid (St Joseph's), third: Riley Booker (Stratford), fourth: Charlie Whittington (St Joseph's), Sam Hancock (Toko), Larz Kelly (Stratford).
Girls 50m freestyle: First: Ruby Edwards (St Joseph's), second: Lexi Maketoni (Toko), third: Bella Keenan (St Joseph's), fourth: Lani Rova (Stratford), Olivia Kerr (St Joseph's), sixth: Holly Andrews (Ngaere), seventh: Rhiannon Crowley (Kaponga).
Mixed 100m freestyle business house relay: Stratford.