A competition is giving children and young adults the chance to design a logo for a newly started charitable trust for dogs in Taranaki.

We Love Dogs charitable trust, based in New Plymouth, established by Denis Putt, Aimee Baldwin and Sarah Johns, is looking for a young artist under 21 to design the trust's logo.

Aimee says the idea of the competition is to get some of the younger members of the community involved.

"We had a chat about developing a logo and we thought it would be cool if we made it a competition."


The winner will have their logo used for all of the trust's media and will be a guest of honour at all Trust events.

While the Trust is still in the start-up phase, Denis says there are many plans being made.

"Our aim is to bring people together within the community and raise awareness about dogs and the positive impact they can have on our lives."

The first event is the Barket on February 15. This is a fundraising event to give the charity a kick start.

Sarah says the Barket is a market where people can buy products for their dogs, learn about dog services within the area, drink coffee and let the dogs have a play.

"We're hoping to get the Barkets running every two months. The winner of our competition will be announced at our first Barket and on our social media pages."

Denis says the idea to create the Trust came from the We Love Dogs Expo.

"There are a lot of dog groups on Facebook that are based in New Plymouth where people expressed interest for something like this locally. We got together and collectively we had different ideas of what we could do so we decided to start the Trust.


We all really want to embrace this opportunity to move forward in giving dogs a positive name in New Plymouth and bringing together all the wonderful resources we have."

While the Trust is not a re-homing organisation, this is something the Trust supports.

In conjunction with the local pound and rescue places the trust's aim is to help prevent dogs ending up in the pounds.

"For those that do, we want to help rehabilitate them and get them into new forever homes," Dennis says.

He says he has received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

"We can't wait to see all the designs and finally get a logo."

The closing date for the competition is February 14. The trust is also looking for someone to help design their website.

■ For more information on the competition or helping with the website, visit the We Love Dogs Charitable Trust Facebook page or become a member of the New Plymouth Dog Group.