Members of the CMK Stratford Flyers received great results at the annual January camp.

The camp, which ran from January 2-7 had over 40 swimmers in attendance. Ex Olympian and Olympic coach Gary Hurring spent five days with the team, coaching and directing the programme.

The Flyers were sponsored by the TET Trust.

From January 18-20, the 13 and over team attended the Wellington Champs.


It was a strong meet for the team with many making finals. The team gained many medals, new qualifying times and personal best times.

Isabelle Wightman (13) qualified for the National Age groups for the first time.

The competitive squad now builds through to the national season, with Junior Festival for the 12 and under, National Age Groups and Division 2 National Age Groups to work towards.

Jayda Hancock, 13 years: 3rd 100m breaststroke, 3rd 200m breaststroke.
Eva McGeoch,13 years: 2nd 400m medley, 2nd 200m backstroke.
Nina Goble, 15 years: 3rd 100m backstroke.
Alina Zabel, 14 years: 3rd 200 breast.
Heidi Sextus, 13 years: 3rd 200m backstroke.
Finalists (Top 10):
Nina Goble, 15 years: 4th 200m backstroke, 5th 50m backstroke, 50m backstroke, 7th 200m freestyle.
Bailee Robertson, 13 years; 7th 50m breaststroke, 6th 200 breast, 8th 400 medley.
Abbey Sextus, 15 years: 5th 200m butterfly, 5th 400m medley, 10th 200m medley.
Alina Zabel, 14 years: 5th 100m breaststroke, 5th 50m breaststroke.
Heidi Sextus, 13 years: 4th 200m freestyle, 7th 800m freestyle, 5th 100m backstroke.
Luca Zabel, 16 years: 4th 50m butterfly, 4th 200m freestyle, 4th 100m freestyle, 6th 100m butterfly, 5th 200m butterfly, 6th 50m freestyle.
Jack Keller, 14 years: 7th 200m freestyle, 10th 100m freestyle, 9th 50m breaststroke, 10th 100m backstroke, 8th 50m freestyle.
Tyler Riddick, 14 years: 10th 100m breaststroke, 10th 200m breaststroke.
Eva McGeoch, 13 years; 5th 200m medley, 9th 100m breaststroke, 10th 200m freestyle, 9th 100m butterfly, 9th 100m backstroke, 5th 200m butterfly.
Jayda Hancock, 13 years: 6th 50m breaststroke.
Maddi Mattock, 13 years: 7th 100m breaststroke.
Isabelle Wightman, 13 years: 6th 50m backstroke, 5th 100m freestyle, 7th 200m backstroke, 6th 100m backstroke, 7th 50m freestyle.
Samara Agent, 13 years; 7th 50m backstroke, 10th 100m freestyle, 10th 100m backstroke.
Arnika Watson, 14 years: 10th 100m freestyle, 8th 400m freestyle.
Daniel Read, 13 years: 10th 200m medley, 9th 100 butterfly.
Anina Loveridge, 14 yrs: 5th 1500m freestyle, 7th 400m medley.
Tavish Graham, 14 years: 8th 200m backstroke.