A Taranaki Masters Games participant travels almost three hours to compete in the games.

David Scott (69), from Taumarunui has entered the Taranaki Masters Games since 2014.

"I heard about the games and looked them up on Google for more information. They seemed like great fun so I decided to try them."

In previous years, David has competed in the pool, lawn bowls, golf, snooker, swimming, tennis and table tennis.


"This year I am competing in the indoor bowls, pool, swimming, tennis and table tennis."

David says he enjoys competing in Masters Games.

"As well as the Taranaki Masters, I've competed in the Hawke's Bay Masters, New Zealand Masters and the Trans-Tasman Masters. It's good exercise."

David says he is looking forward to playing table tennis at the games.

"I've been playing table tennis since I was nine. I started by playing at my Uncle's Bach at Langs Beach.I joined a club in 1963 and played in the Inter-Club tournaments."

Since then, David has competed in a number of Open table tennis tournaments across the country.

"Table tennis keeps you fit and helps to improve mental and physical health."

David says despite having a few health issues, he always gives it his all.


"I currently have an issue with cancer. I am having a bit cut out of my leg in two months. If the surgery is after the games it'll be fine, but if it's before I'll pace myself."

David lives with a 27mm zinc plate in his heart from atrial septal heart defect operated on at Starship Hospital in 2011.

"I now take Warfarin which waters down the blood and puts my INR above two to save issues of body clots."

He says this means he has to be careful when competing in sports.

"I have to be careful as the medication makes you bruise easy. I just have to be sensible with it. As long as I'm careful I can do anything. You can't stop life - you just have to go with it.

"As you get older you've got to keep your body going. That's why the games are important. The idea of the Masters Games is tremendous."

David says whenever he travels he brings a companion.

"I always bring a dog to tournaments and the games. I used to bring Bounce but she died last year. I now bring my puppy Comet.

David has made many acquaintances through the games.

"I always enjoy seeing them at the games.

"The Taranaki Masters games are good fun at a reasonable price. Every sport you play usually has an administrator who works behind the scenes. They're great people and I appreciate what they do. It's why I keep coming back. "