At 94, Robert 'Bob' Carr Jagger has published his life story.

The well-known Inglewood identity has been working on the book for four years. This is the second book he has published.

"It all started in 2011 when my granddaughters in Nelson started a book on my life. At that point they discovered it had been 60 years since the Korean War. They wanted information on experiences in the war."

His book, Korea: A Kiwi Gunner's Story was published in 2014 and photos taken by Bob on his box brownie camera.


His new book, Robert Carr Jagger - A life well lived tells the story of Bob's start in life. In 1925, Bob was abandoned at a child care facility in Wellington. Bob says he still doesn't know who his parents are, but credits his adoptive parents, Conrad and Ivy Jagger, for what he considers a privileged, family-orientated and happy life.

Bob says Hillary Jane has done a great job of putting the book together.

"12 months ago Hilary got involved with the book. She certainly got things moving once she got into it."

He says the book has had a lot of positive feedback.

"I had the book launch earlier this month at the Inglewood Club and there was a lot of nice feedback."

Hilary says she enjoyed working on the book. She edits and publishes as a hobby. She says she mostly works on history, including jubilees and centennials.

"I enjoyed working on Bob's book. I like and respect Bob. He is a real community-focused and likeable person.

"Bob has earned the respect of friends and family for his commitment to his work in the dairy industry, the services (Korean war) and the many organisations he is still associated with, including Freemasons, Lions, RSA and the National Party."


■ Robert Carr Jagger - A life well lived is on sale for $35 ($40 if posted). To order the book contact Bob on 06 756 7862 or Hilary on 06 765 6027.