There was running, jumping and throwing at the 2020 Colgate Games at Inglewood's Jubilee Park over the weekend.

The stands at the park were filled with supporters of the 1155 young athletes competing.

The athletes came from all over the country, with 87 athletics clubs represented.

One of the athletes, Sienna Hickling- Crane (10) travelled from Browns Bay in Auckland to compete at the event. This is her second Colgate Games.


"Last year I competed at the Colgate Games in Hamilton. I loved it so much and I wanted to compete again."

Sienna says her favourite events are high jump, long jump and running.

"I enjoy running the long distance races. The 2km, 800m, and 1500m are my favourites."

Sienna says she was encouraged by her Year 3 teacher, Kelly Shimmin to try athletics.

"I do a lot of running at school and I've competed in the school cross country every year. I joined the North Harbour Bays Club in the North Shore and I've been involved in athletics for about 18 months."

Sienna says she finds the Colgate Games interesting.

"It's really cool that people come from different areas of the country to compete and represent their clubs."

She says she has met many people through the Colgate Games.


"I love meeting other girls from different parts of New Zealand. On the first day I competed in the high jump and the Grade 10 800m run where I made the finals."

She says she was excited to make the finals.

"I came third overall in the qualifiers and I achieved a personal best time. I ran the race in 2 minutes and 53 seconds. I'd never ran 800m in under three minutes before so it was really exciting."

Sienna Hickling- Crane (10) with her two silver medals.
Sienna Hickling- Crane (10) with her two silver medals.

Sienna placed second in the 800m, winning a silver medal and achieving another personal best time of 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

On Saturday, Sienna ran the Grade10 1500m finals, winning another silver medal and reaching a personal best time of 5 minutes and 52 seconds.

"I'm very proud of my medals."

Sienna says she had a lot of fun at the Colgate Games.

"I made some new friends who were very nice."