A new reading programme will kick off a love of literature in south Taranaki children.

The Summer Blast literacy programme is being introduced to south Taranaki LibraryPlus libraries.

The programme uses different types of literature to engage kids in reading from five to 12 years old.

District children's and teens' librarian at Hāwera LibraryPlus Pamela Jones says it's her job to develop programmes and events for children who visit the library.


"In the old programme we had children come in and read for 15 minutes per day and then report on the books they've read. I borrowed the concept of the new programme from other libraries."

The programme is activity based and covers all types of literacy.

"There are five different categories in the programme. Under each category there are five challenges. When children complete one of the categories they get a ticket to go into the draw for a prize specific to the category they just completed."

"If they complete a second ticket they get another chance to win."

The activities can be completed anywhere but children need to check in when they've completed an activity so it can get signed off.

"The challenges are age appropriate for the children participating and the programme is family orientated enabling families to get involved.

"The reading programme will help children who are struggling with their reading. The programme tackles it in different ways by reaching out to the children's interests.

"It allows children to be as creative as they want to be."


There are also workshops and activities held at the different LibraryPlus buildings in south Taranaki.

"We have brought in a number of people who will be able to help the children complete the activities."