An early childhood education centre is taking big strides to support those taking little steps.

Stratford early childhood education centre Little Steps, owned by Wendy and Mark Hinton, opens in January.

Wendy says opening the centre has been a family effort.

"Every one in my family has helped make this come to life."


The early childhood education centre will offer an after-school care room in the front and in the back, there are different classrooms for the pre-school area.

"We have three classrooms for the three different age groups." The centre also has three different playgrounds suited to each specific age group.

"I want this to be a good safe space for the kids and the teaching staff as well."

Having different areas gives the children the chance to do activities that suit their age group.

"There will also be group activities for all the children to mix and mingle."

The company was started in 2014 when Wendy and Mark's daughters Alesha and Melissa started their studies to become early childhood teachers.

"We thought once they were through their training we'll invest in a play centre."

She says there is a good team to work at the centre.


"All the staff are perfect for the job."

There will also be a cook to cater for the kids every day.

"There will be nice healthy meals for the kids."

Wendy says there has been a lot of interest about the centre.