Young crafters of all abilities are being encouraged to try their hand at some Christmas themed craft sessions at Stratford Library next week.

The Makerspace sessions are being run as part of the Stratford Library school holiday programme.

Senior library officer Bridget Roper says there will be a range of craft supplies available at the sessions, as well as an ideas board of what people can make.

"It is self directed, so we aren't showing people how to make something step by step, but rather creating a space where people can work on their own projects alongside other crafters. We will have plenty of festive themed supplies for people to use and hopefully they will share their ideas with each other and all come up with some great Christmas themed home made items to take home."


As the craft is self-directed, Bridget says some people may spend all of the two hours the sessions run for working on things, while others may come for just some of that time.

It is open to all ages and abilities she says and there is no charge for the sessions.

"The one thing we do ask, is that children under the age of eight do have an adult with them to supervise and help."

As well as the Makerspace sessions running next week there will be further space-themed sessions in January, tying in with the galactic-themed reading programme running through the school holidays.

"It's a great idea for people to come and try out some craft in a friendly environment, and as the supplies are all provided it means people can try something new without having to go out and buy a whole load of items to make one thing. For parents an additional appeal of the sessions might be that the glitter doesn't happen on their carpet!"

Stratford District Library Makerspace sessions:
Christmas crafts: December 16-20. 10am-noon and 2pm-4pm daily. No registration needed.
Space crafts: January 8: 2pm-4pm and January 10, 10am-noon. No registration needed.